The Airline company


JETCORP is an airline company specialized in flights for companies, also called Business Flights. The airplanes used by our company can take up to 6 passengers and are based on airports of Lyon-Bron & Toulouse.


Our flights are adapted to your needs and your budgets:


  • Each and every flight meets your demands concerning dates, take off places and landings.
  • 500 airports and grounds in Europe
  • Availability 7 days a week and 24 hours a day


Advice, Management, Purchase, Sales


The management of a plane requires a vast amount of aeronautical, fiscal, technical and statutory knowledge which can only be handled by professionals of the sector.


Keeping control of a plane requires a perfect knowledge of the aeronautics and must be entrusted to experts.

This complete management starts with the technical and administrative management  but also includes that of crews without forgetting the fiscal optimization..